July Member of the Month: Derek S. Green

Councilmember At-Large

1.    Tell us briefly what a typical work day is like for you.

Like most Barristers, I don’t think that any of us have a “typical work day.” Pre COVID-19, I generally go to the gym around 5 am and then get my son ready for school as my wife leaves for work. Prior to going to City Hall, I often have breakfast meetings or conference calls before my first office
meeting around 9am. My day is a mix of various office meetings, constituent conversations, Council hearings, and visits/tours around the City. On most days, these events will continue into the early/mid evening. To conclude my day, I catch up on Council matters as well as legal work from Obermayer.

2.    What do you enjoy most about your job?

In addition to no two days being alike, I enjoy trying to solve complex problems that help others. In various ways, elected officials are like lawyers where our constituents are our clients that need our assistance to solve a problem.

3.    What do you enjoy most about being a member of the Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia?

As a member of the Barristers’ Association of Philadelphia, I enjoy being part of an organization that has shaped the history and provided the conscience of Philadelphia’s legal community.

4.    What do you believe has been your most important personal attribute in your legal career?

I believe that my most important personal attribute is my ability to bring people, of opposing viewpoints, together. Passing legislation is the art of compromise. In my opinion, this attribute has enabled me to identify areas of common interest as a way of getting bills passed.  

5.    What has been the best moment of your career thus far?

Although amending the City’s Home Rule Charter to make it easier for minority & woman owned companies to do business with the City is a significant legislative victory, my best career moment is seeing my son, in spite of Autism, vote for me. 

6.    If you hit the lottery tonight, where could we find you tomorrow?

Taking my extended family to visit my line brother in South Africa and buying a summer home in Martha’s Vineyard.

7.    What artists are you listening to now?

Outside of relaxing to D-Nice in Club Quarantine, I have been listening to a lot of Public Enemy, both new and vintage material.

8.    What is your favorite restaurant in the Philadelphia area?


9.    If you had a chance to give out your own award, who would you recognize?

I would recognize Dr. Ala Stanford and Rev. Marshall Mitchell for their work in creating the Black Doctors COVID-19 Consortium.

10.    What advice would you give to members of the Barristers?

My advice to members is to reach up and back. Members should reach out to more seasoned attorneys to develop a network of advisors that can help advance their careers. Additionally, Barristers should mentor younger attorneys and/or law students so that you can provide your knowledge and wisdom to help their career paths.